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Recent News

Updated July 2022

Shabby Chair

New Chair and Secretary for WDPI Scientific Committee

March, 2022

Prof Alex Collie from Australia and Prof Karen Nieuwenhuijsen from the Netherlands have been appointed as the new Chair and Secretary of the International Committee on Occupational Health (ICOH) Scientific Committee on Work Disability Prevention and Integration. 

Click below to read a welcome note from the outgoing chair and secretary. 

Thank You

Thank you Han and Bill

March, 2022

A brief note of thanks to Professor Han Anema and Professor Bill Shaw for their enormous contribution to the ICOH Scientific Committee and the global WDPI community.

Click below to read a thank-you note. 


Seeking Early/Mid Career researchers

July, 2022

The ICOH Scientific Committee on WDPI is seeking greater involvement of early and mid-career researchers through establishing a working group. We define an EMCR to be a person who is less than 10 years post-PhD or equivalent.

We hope that the working group will promote career development, networking, communication and advice for early and mid-career researchers in the field of WDPI; and also take a practical role to support the activities of the WDPI Scientific Committee through organization and contributions to international conferences and symposia.

If you would like to know more or contribute to the group please get in touch via the link below.