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Welcome to the website for the Work Disability Prevention and Integration (WDPI) global scientific community. Please subscribe to our mailing list to be kept up to date with future events and community news.

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Updated February 2024


15 February 2024

The 34th International Congress on Occupational Health will be held in Marrakesh, Morocco from 28 April to 3 May 2024

Work Disability Prevention and Integration research will be a feature of the program. Following is a summary of WDPI specific activity. In addition there will be many other WDPI-relevant plenary and semi-plenary presentations, workshops, free paper and poster sessions.

Professor Mette Stockendahl is leading a special session titled “Stay at Work for workers with chronic pain conditions”

The WDPI Scientific Committee has worked with the congress organisers to ensure two WDPI themed free papers sessions. These are on the topics of

  1. Determinants in Work Disability”

  2. Work Disability Prevention – Policies, Interventions Strategies and Implementation Issues”

More than 60 abstract submissions were received for the two free paper sessions. This means there will also be many WDPI themed poster presentations during the congress, as not all abstract submissions were able to be offered an oral / free paper presentation.

In addition members of the WDPI SC have submitted abstracts to other free paper sessions of relevance.

We would like to sincerely thank those members of the WDPI scientific community who generously assisted with abstract reviews for the free paper sessions.

We plan to also organise a social event for WDPI colleagues attending the Congress. More information to come. 

All of the Congress information can be found on the webiste, via the link below


12 December 2023

The Scientific Committee is seeking nominations for the following positions, for the 2024-2027 triennium:

  • Chairperson

  • Secretary

  • Member of the Executive Committee (up to 8)

Alex Collie and Karen Nieuwenhuijsen have expressed their willingness to continue as the Chairperson and Secretary for the next 3 years, should no other nominations be received.

Should more than one nomination be received for the Chairperson or Secretary positions, an election will be held with financial members of the Scientific Committee able to vote, as per ICOH guidelines.

Terms of appointment for the Chairperson and Secretary positions for 2024-27 triennium will begin at the ICOH Congress held in Morocco, in late April / early May 2024.

Should more than 8 nominations be received for members of the Executive Committee, the Chairperson and Secretary will determine appointments, following further discussion with nominees.

Appointment of Members of the Executive Committee will occur following ratification of the incoming Chairperson and Secretary, anticipated in May 2024.

Nominations for all position should be submitted by 28th February 2024, via the link below. 

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